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My Journey: Step 9 — Reaching Out and Touching Lives

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

June 27, 2011. Written by Leila Ruth Novales

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  ~Jesus Christ, Matthew 19:14

Today was my once-a-month volunteer work for Magic Hospital ( I’m involved in the Storytelling Program in which my partner (Amy) and I go to Huaxin Hospital’s pediatric cardiac ward and bring some cheer to the patients.  We do this by singing some fun songs (nothing strenuous since many of them are recovering from heart surgery or have some kind of heart condition), tell or read them a story (Amy translates to Chinese so the children will understand), and doing some fun and interesting arts and crafts stuff with them.

My first time there, I was so affected by the children. Many of them were blue-–literally.  Their skin color had a bluish tinge and their lips were really dark blue/purple in color.  They were not very strong, yet children being children, they were full of life and their eyes would light up when they listened to the stories and did the activities we prepared for them.  They were so eager!  And I could not believe how appreciative and well-behaved and well-mannered they were.  So vastly different from the children I teach in the international school where I work! (read between the lines…)

Each time I go there, I do not cease to be amazed by these children.  Today was no different.  Many of the children today had incisions in their chests because of heart surgery.  They were still recovering.  They had IV needles stuck in their hands/arms.  As is the usual, they were shy in the beginning but eventually opened up and would smile, crinkle their eyes with laughter, and talk to me even though they knew I could not really understand Chinese much.  I told the story of “The Rainbow Fish”.  Amy translated and we both would point to the pictures to guide the children in the story.  We sang funny fish songs and made paper plate Rainbow Fish.  Even though it was a relatively simple craft, they really enjoyed it and were so into it.  One 6-year old child even made 4 rainbow fish!  It is my regret that I did not bring my camera today but below are a few photos of a previous visit.

As you look at the photos, send some loving thoughts to children like these, whose time on this planet may be limited due to their condition. As you send them loving thoughts, may you be moved to do something, in your own small way, to bring a bit of cheer in these children’s lives… To find out how you can help children as these, go to

My Daily Health Journal

Breakfast:  Carrot cucumber apple smoothie, muesli with soya milk, hot chocolate with Lifestream’s Ultimate Greens

Lunch:  Tomato Egg and Seaweed Soup

Snack:  Carrot cucumber apple smoothie, hot chocolate with soya milk

Dinner:   Big Mac Meal (with corn kernels and honey pear tea-–yeah, I know…), 1/2 McDonald’s pineapple pie

Physical Activity:  None.  Just cleaned a bit in the house.

Treatment/Therapy: Storytelling at the pediatric cardiac ward of Huaxin Hospital (well, I’d call it soul therapy or maybe karma therapy…something like that)

Relaxation:  Meditation; meeting up with old friends at Beijing Playhouse’s auditions for “Love, Sex, and the IRS.”

Medication:  Yes –Cozaar and the Chinese herbal medicine

Sleep:  6 ½  hours

Positive Thoughts:   After being with the children in the pediatric cardiac ward, seeing how physically weak they are, seeing their surgery incisions healing…yet they smile and appreciate the simple things…it makes me remember how blessed I am and how little I’m able to do for little ones with plights as these…

Blood Pressure: AM: 138/95    PM: 154/97



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