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Thrive 6

What is Thrive6?

Thrive6 is a one-on-one personalized six-month program, consisting of two 50-minute sessions each month and a complimentary 30-minute wrap-up session.


It can be done virtually or, location permitting, face-to-face.

During Thrive6, I will guide and empower you to make incremental lifestyle and diet changes that will last a lifetime.

We will work together to brainstorm and agree on strategies to clear your path and implement action steps to achieve your health and wellness goals.

I am committed to guiding, supporting, and motivating you through the whole process.

You will receive relevant, inspiring, and empowering resources as well as have opportunities to take part in various health-promoting activities.

Never fear! Your action plan will always consist of bite-sized doable steps that you are comfortable with, done at your own pace.

Book your free, no obligation 45-minute initial consultation

to see if this personalized program is right for you.

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