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How To Be Happy

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Hello, Beautiful Soul!

Welcome to the second week of the month of Love!

Let’s talk about all things love this month.

I am sure you all know just how important love is to our heath and wellness. Love is what energizes and gives meaning to all areas of our lives, to all the dimensions of wellness.

Beyond being an emotion, Love is the energy that surrounds everyone and everything. It is always present. We just need to tap into this energy of love so that we can feel it uplifting us and transporting us to a different state of mind. In this sense, Love is God. Love intends only the best for us.

We can send this energy of love to others. We do this through prayer, intention, or visualization.

When we ourselves connect to love, we send this love energy to ourselves.

Observe how your body feels when you look or are with someone you love. Do that now.

Look at the person you love. Or maybe it’s a pet. Look at your pet.

If the person or pet you love isn’t around, close your eyes and see that person or pet in your mind’s eye.

What do you feel? How are you feeling it in your body?

I love my cat sooooooo very much! His name is Moksha. When I look at him, I feel so much love for him. I feel my heart, my chest glowing and expanding and the love just flowing toward him. Sometimes, I can’t help but say, “I love you, Moksha!” Sometimes, I feel so much love that it feels like my heart is going to burst!

Have you felt this way, too, when thinking or being with the one you love?

Here’s my next question for you: Do you feel this way about yourself when you think of yourself?

Ahhhh… Interesting…

Observe how you talk to yourself. Observe your thoughts about yourself. Are they thoughts of love, compassion, kindness, understanding or acceptance? Or do you hear the voice of your parents saying things that make you feel you are not good enough? Do YOU start telling yourself that you’re not good enough? Do you constantly berate yourself for not doing things well or for not doing enough?

How does this make you feel?

Beautiful soul, like what our quote today from Robert Morley says, loving yourself is the first secret to happiness!

If you seek happiness, as I’m sure all of us do, then the first thing to do is to love yourself! It is that simple!

Well, maybe not THAT simple because we have believed, through all these years, every negative thought, word, and criticism that came our way even from well-meaning family members and friends…not to mention society in general. That voice in our heads that keeps taunting us with our perceived failures and shortcomings—it just doesn’t seem to stop! There are days that it practically screams at us!

My dear one, it is not easy to drown out this voice, but we can start small. Start with baby steps to climb up this hill of rising above this accusing voice in our heads.

And that first step is to love yourself. How to love yourself? First by accepting yourself. Breathe deeply and accept yourself for all that you are—imperfections and all. If you are a Christian, remember that God loves us even though we are not perfect. And who are we to not love ourselves when God Himself loves and accepts us completely?

So, this is your first action step toward Self-Love:

Look into the mirror. Look into your eyes.

Smile, breathe deeply, say your name and say, “I completely love and accept you as you are.

Close your eyes and let the feeling of love flow over you.

Hug yourself if that helps you feel the love more.

Imagine love as a golden light flowing over your body and totally encompassing you like a warm embrace.

Stay in this feeling for as long as you feel like it.

When done, open your eyes and thank yourself for this time of love for yourself.

May you connect to the Love of the Divine and find this love in your hearts. And may this connection grow deeper and brighter with each passing day.

I wish you love and light, dear one.


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