I do not believe in coincidences.

  There is a reason you and I have crossed paths at this point.

  You feel tired all the time.

  You feel gassy and bloated.

  You feel there's something weird going on with your digestion.

  You feel moody for no apparent reason.

  You easily get sick.

  The extra weight won't come off.

Hello, Beautiful Soul!

I'm so glad you're here!


  You are ready to take charge of your health


live the life of energy and radiance you've always dreamed of.


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My name is Ruth Novales,

Integrative Nutrition Health and WellBeing Coach.

I believe that everyone can create the life they wantand it starts with yourself.

Taking your health in your own hands empowers you to make the changes to design your life the way you envision it. Imagine—having the energy to do the things you’ve always wanted…having the confidence to try out new and exhilarating experiences...having the freedom to be the


you've always wanted to be!

Katie pic3.jpg

Katie Tarrant,

Ruth is one of the humblest, honest, caring, and open people I know. She takes time to listen to her clients and creates plans based on

the individual needs of that person.

I noticed an improvement in my skin, the bloating and stomach pains disappeared, and I saw an increase in my energy levels, especially during the post lunch “slump” She helped me not only with diet, but also made recommendations for overall life changes to help with better sleep and aid the body and mind such as meditation and exercises. My experience was...

Lampel 1.jpg

Lampel Joy Solis,
Early Childhood Educator

“My personal experience has been transformative!

Ruth's mastery in health coaching delivered incredible results in my well-being.”

As a preschool teacher, I have always been energetic and lively. Then, came a time when I found myself struggling with low energy levels, weight, and digestive issues. Working with Ruth opened my eyes to so many things about my health! She helped me understand how the mind-body-spirit connection impacts my health and well-being. From her, I learned that...


Jehanne F,
French Teacher

“Ruth was a great support during

my readjustment to life back in France.”

I returned home to France a few years ago after living in Asia for 12 years. Readjusting to life back home was challenging, especially in terms of food and energy issues. I decided to talk to Ruth who I met during my stay in Asia. Through our online conversations and exchanges, she supported me in optimizing my meals through...

Leah T,

I'm so happy to achieve my goal to lose weight and inches! Ruth provided a way for me to ease into losing weight because her approach is holistic. She considers the pace that you can commit to.

I decided to do the health coaching program of Ruth to lose weight and learn healthy habits. I couldn’t be happier because I achieved these goals! Ruth provided a holistic regimen of exercise, sensible sun exposure, breathing, meditation, intermittent fasting, and she gave easy to follow healthy recipes...

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