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Indulge the Health Nerd in You

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Ever wondered about what the research outcomes have been on the benefits of nutritional supplements and functional foods?

Are you the type who needs hard facts and evidence when a heath claim is made?

The abundant availability of different supplements and miracle foods out in the market today is enough to make you confused and cross-eyed. With many claiming to 'cure' practically anything under the sun, it is sound practice to first research and verify such claims from reputable sources. Doing so, however, can make your head spin even more that, most of the time, you end up being even more confused and cross-eyed!

Do not I have come across a list of various peer-reviewed research studies on this topic. This list was compiled by the website Ask the Scientists.

In case you are wondering what peer-reviewed research means, it is simply an academic term for quality control. It assures you that the study or research was scrutinized or closely examined by a panel of experts in the same field. This ensures that the study has met the high standards required in that particular discipline. It also makes certain that the study has no "unwarranted claims, unacceptable interpretations or personal views." (

You'll find the list at the end of the article below from To read the study you are interested in, just copy the listed research title and paste in into the search bar.

Enjoy indulging the health nerd in you!

With an avalanche of choices in health supplements out there, which ones do you prefer to take?

As for me...Well, I'm kind of a health nerd myself. I love all things health and well-being, and I do enjoy doing a deep dive into the science of it all. For these reasons, I highly appreciate all the scientific research and development that have gone into formulating and manufacturing USANA health supplements.

USANA is definitely my first choice in health supplements. I never go a day without taking CellSentials. CellSentials is the foundation of the USANA healthcare regimen. It is a combination of vitamins, anti-oxidants, herbs, and minerals in just the right amounts for the body to thrive. What's more, the ingredients and formulation make the nutrients highly bio-available and easily absorbed by the cells. With its patented InCelligence Complex, USANA CellSentials activate the cell's innate capacity to produce its own antioxidants and optimizes its cellular communication so that the different cells can function harmoniously with one another. That is cellular nutrition--in the palm of your hand!

I love being part of the healthiest family on earth!

Intrigued? Interested? Contact me for more details.

Learn more about InCelligence Technology.

You can check out more about the science behind USANA health supplements here.

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