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I’ve been honored to work with some amazing human beings and am deeply grateful for their willingness to share their experiences.

Scroll below and see what some of my previous clients had to say.

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"Ruth is one of the humblest, honest, caring, and open people I know. She takes time to listen to her clients and creates plans based on the individual needs of that person."

Katie Tarrant


     I started Ruth’s health coaching program to understand more about the power of nutrition for better health and well-being, to discover foods that irritated me and foods that made me feel good, and to take control of my health through better planning and menu ideas. Ruth helped me reach my goals by providing me access to her wealth of knowledge about the topic, realistic ways of implementing change for good in consideration of my environment, job, and financial capabilities, and holding me accountable with kind encouragement.

     After Ruth helped me gradually identify the foods that were causing irritation and discomfort, she helped put me on a diet that was suitable to my personal needs. She helped me implement the changes in my diet and cooking habits. I noticed an improvement in my skin, the bloating and stomach pains disappeared, and I saw an increase in my energy levels, especially during the post lunch “slump” – this totally disappeared and I saw consistent energy throughout the day. I also want to mention that I didn’t catch common colds as easily and my immune system seemed to take a boost, this I really didn’t expect.

     I think one of the biggest challenges for many people with busy jobs and home lives is finding time to cook and to cook well at that. She helped me better organise my time by making weekly meal plans and carving out time for meal prepping. It’ like the cheat sheet of healthy eating. I was amazed how much time and energy it saved me each week by just being better organized and planning well. A bit more time is needed at the beginning to get started with recipe ideas and planning, but this is what Ruth is here for, to help with that planning and implementation. She always recommended excellent recipes for me to try that are simple and easy to execute yet at the same time delicious and nutritious. Cooking healthy and doing it every day doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. Ruth will be able to understand your personal budget for time and cooking skills and will make recommendations accordingly.

     I would certainly say Ruth is one of the humblest, honest, caring, and open people I know. She worked in education for many years so she is very patient and is a natural educator. She takes time to listen to her clients and creates plans based on the individual needs of that person. She is kind and understanding, she will encourage and push you the right amount while remaining understanding of fallbacks. If something isn’t working, she’ll find other methods that can work for the client. She also encourages listening to your body more and this is something that so many people don’t do. She helped me not only with diet, but also made suggestions for overall life changes to help with better sleep, and aid the body and mind such as meditation and exercises. My experience was and remains very positive and many of the recommendations and skills she taught me I still practice 5 years on.

     I recommend Ruth to everyone. Really, she is a person for all ages, genders, nationalities, and industries. I think her methods can be applied across the board.

Katie Tarrant

"My personal experience has been transformative! Ruth's mastery in health coaching delivered incredible results in my well-being."

 Lampel Joy Solis

  Early Childhood Educator

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     As a preschool teacher, I have always been energetic and lively. Then, came a time when I found myself struggling with low energy levels, weight, and digestive issues. Working with Ruth opened my eyes to so many things about my health! She helped me understand how the mind-body-spirit connection impacts my health and well-being. From her, I learned that my digestive system plays a major role in my overall health and energy. She guided me in identifying energy robbers in my life and designed a program that fit with my goals to gradually help me regain my vitality. The strategies were practical and easy to implement—no complicated and overwhelming steps! Ruth made being healthy so simple and accessible! Add to that her nurturing nature…it’s no wonder I was able to achieve my short- and long-term goals! I’m so thankful to have worked with Ruth. I feel empowered as I have incorporated her recommendations seamlessly into my life now. I cannot recommend her enough! If you are ready to take the steps in reaching your health goals, Ruth is YOUR health coach!


"I'm so happy to achieve my goal to lose weight and inches! Ruth provided a way for me to ease into losing weight because her approach is holistic. She considers the pace that you can commit to."


Leah T.


     I decided to do the health coaching program of Ruth to lose weight and learn healthy habits. I couldn’t be happier because I achieved these goals! Ruth provided a holistic regimen of exercise, sensible sun exposure, breathing, meditation, intermittent fasting, and she gave easy to follow healthy recipes.

     My heath coaching sessions focused on weight loss, learning more about different kinds of diets and cultivating healthy habits. Regular health coaching sessions helped me to be accountable and motivated.

     Ruth is very knowledgeable on optimizing health and wellness. She shared many health tips and provided explanations on how our body works and easy to understand answers to my health-related questions. I learned what is good for my body and what is not. Surprisingly, I learned that there is stuff marketed as ‘good’ for us but really, they’re not!

     Ruth is very approachable, and she understood my uniqueness. I was able to do the program at my own pace so there was not much pressure. The idea of how to lose weight is already hard but starting the journey of actually losing it is another story. Ruth provided a way to get me to ease into losing weight because her approach is holistic, and she considers the pace that you can commit to.

     There is a lot, lot, lot of information that Ruth can share with you, so I highly recommend her to be your health coach! The experience will truly help you, not only for weight loss but also for one’s total wellness.


“Ruth was a great support during

my readjustment to life back in France.”

Jehanne F.

Certified Art Therapist

     Ruth’s commitment to nutrition and health coaching inspired and helped me. I am from France, and I returned home a few years ago after living in Asia for 12 years where I met her. Life back home has been challenging, especially with readjusting to food here. I decided to talk to Ruth. We had conversations and exchanges that supported me and encouraged me about meals, fasting, and combining food. She is very skilled, enthusiastic, and dedicated. Ruth knows how to creatively support each person according to his or her needs. I fully recommend Ruth to my friends and family for her expertise, her commitment, and her care in supporting clients. She gives meaning and value to the human connection in her coaching and provides genuine support. Thank you so much, Ruth! 

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