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The Energy Evening - Energy Enhancing Tools. Natural Energy Bars. Energizing Chair Dance

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

It was an evening of energy as 20 people left Ms. Uptown energized from a fun and sexy Chair Dance Class and fueled by all-natural vegan, gluten-free and Paleo Mantra Bars. Above all, they were raring to implement the tips and strategies that resonated with them on increasing their energy. They had just attended our Get High Naturally workshop on April 20 at Ms. Uptown in Galaxy SOHO, Beijing.

During the workshop, they completed the Circle of Life exercise that helped them identify aspects of their life—such as habits, activities, and relationships—that were draining them of energy. This activity turned out to be a big aha moment for many of the participants when they shared their insights with a partner after the activity.

Armed with this knowledge, it was now time to learn ways to increase energy naturally, through improving not only what we eat but also how we eat, sleep, and move. They were quite surprised to learn that certain body processes actually use up to more than half of our energy. Truth. So…what to do?! Never fear…that’s what we were there for! The attendees were thrilled to know that there are ways to hack these huge energy-guzzling but natural processes so that we conserve energy thus affording us more available energy to do the things we love to do.

As Katie Tarrant, one of the workshop participants, said, “This was really so good! I never realized before now that certain areas of my life were draining me of energy—not just the physical aspect--and holding me back from the many things I want to do. I am so ready to take my health in my own hands!”

I think Katie beautifully summed it up. When we take responsibility and action for our health, we take our lives in directions we may have thought before as just a far-off dream. BUT we can literally create the life we want, and I firmly believe that taking hold of our health and steering it in the direction we want it to go is the first step. On the evening of April 20, some 20 people took that first step in taking their health in their own hands by equipping themselves with simple, do-able tools to maximize their energy to be able to start living the way they want to.

Stay tuned for future workshops on enhancing your health and well-being in various, natural ways. To stay updated on the latest news, subscribe to our monthly newsletter, Soul Thriver.

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