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Mantra Bar

The brain child of Marte Van Os, each Mantra Bar is made with nutritious, all-natural ingredients. Free of refined sugar and mystery additives, Mantra Bars pack a powerful, healthy punch that leaves you energized and satisfied.

Perfect as a grab-and-go meal replacement for those busy days, as fuel for workouts, as a smart solution to sugar cravings or just as a healthy energy boost, Mantra Bars are designed to provide ideal nutrition for you to thrive in any situation.

Ms. Uptown

MS. UPTOWN’s contemporary studio offers an open gym and classes tailored to the needs of the female. Membership at Ms. Uptown allows you unlimited access to our Open Gym Area and classes. Classes offered include, but are not limited to, yoga, functional training (kickboxing, capoeira, HIIT, Body Sculpt), Gyrotonics, Dancing (Chair Dance, Hip Hop, Jazz, Salsa). The Open Gym Area is equipped with cardio equipment and weights as well as a functional training area to balance out your overall fitness program

Coming Soon...

If you want to work with Soul Thrive Wellness, please contact us through email at

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