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Healthy Eating Guide

Hello, Awesome Soul!

Yes! You!


I think you’re awesome because you want to take care of yourself and improve your health and well-being.

And you know that it starts with eating healthy.


You know you need to make healthier food choices…but…you get confused with all the health food advice out there.

My advice?


Keep it simple and stick to the basics as you begin your health journey.


And I’ve tried to make it as simple as possible for you to begin, with my FREE Healthy Eating Guide.

The Soul Thrive Steps to Healthy Eating is a 23-page e-book that takes you through 7 simple steps to a lifestyle of healthier eating.

It contains the basic information you’ll need to make healthy choices for each step, as well practical tips and advice that you can easily implement in your life.

In easy-to-understand terms, you’ll learn:

  • how much of a certain food group you need in a day

  • how to easily get healthy food in your daily diet

  • how to ensure the freshness and quality of your food

  • how to differentiate between healthy and what-you-think-is-healthy food

  • how to read food labels so you know what you’re buying

  • how to make your food taste so much better in a healthy way

  • tips and strategies to reinvent meals so they’re healthier and more nutrient dense

  • and much more!

All these in just 23 pages!


This is a book you can refer to over and over again as you begin your journey of healthy eating.

Like I always say: Make life simple.

Go with the healthiest choice available at the moment.


And the first step to doing that is to arm yourself with the right knowledge.


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7 Steps to Healthy Eating

Soul Thrive Wellness

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Soul Thrive Steps to Healthy Eating

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