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Health History Consultation

Ready to make your goals a reality?

During this free 45-minute consultation, we will:

  • Identify your health goals and what you’ve always imagined for your life;

  • Figure out what you truly want to accomplish long-term for yourself;

  • Understand the circumstances that may be hindering you from reaching these goals;

  • Learn how to have my support to permanently reach your goals.

This session could very well be a turning point in your life!

Your next step is to schedule your session. Click the button below to reserve a spot in my schedule for the consultation.

Remember, this session is for you only if you are serious about making some lasting and positive changes in your life. I’d be honored to help you accomplish this!

Health History


Thrive6 is a one-on-one personalized six-month program, consisting of two 50-minute sessions each month and a complimentary 30-minute wrap-up session. It can be done virtually or, location permitting, face-to-face.

During Thrive6, I will guide and empower you to make incremental lifestyle and diet changes that will last a lifetime. We will work together to brainstorm and agree on strategies to clear your path and implement actions steps to achieve your health and wellness goals. 

I am committed to guiding, supporting, and motivating you through the whole process. 

You will receive relevant, inspiring, and empowering resources as well as have opportunities to take part in various health-promoting activities.

Never fear! Your action plan will always consist of bite-sized, doable steps that you are comfortable with,

done at your own pace.


Book your free, no obligation 45-minute initial consultation to see if this personalized program is right for you.



Group Coaching Program

ThriveTogether is a six-month group coaching program. Similar to Thrive6, ThriveTogether gives you the added benefit of community.


Through 12 sessions of 60 minutes at twice a month, you will be supported, not only by your Health Coach (that’s me!), but also by a small, caring group of like-minded people with health goals similar to yours, in a safe, non-judgmental space.



These are virtual or face-to-face live classes and seminars on a variety of health and wellness matters—increasing energy, weight loss, women’s health, fitness, gut health, cooking, natural health, and nutrition, among others.


Soul Thrive Wellness Learnshops engage you while you learn—hence, Learnshops! Forget dreary, boring talks! With Learnshops, learning can actually be lively and life-changing!

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